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The Great Southern Circus

The Great Southern Circus.jpeg

A true story of one circus family who despite difficulties embarked on a long journey

The Great Southern Circus tells the true story of one circus family who made that tour. All the characters in this book were real people, and every incident mentioned in this narrative actually happened during that long journey. At the heart of this tale is a love story of a girl who performed with the circus and the young man who joined the circus just to be near her.


The Great Southern Circus also tells the story of a young black man who joined the circus to search for his sister, who was a slave somewhere in the South.


This is the true story of lifetime friendships formed during that tour; friendships that would bond men and women from the North and South, either black or white, in a love for each other that transcended the horror of War.

Available on Barnes & Noble Nook e-book and at Amazon.COM

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